• Sharing Knowledge Beyond Borders

    Sharing Knowledge Beyond Borders

    We partner with the world’s leading investment and corporate strategy clients, enabling them to collaborate with industry specialists across every sector, function and geography.

    Clients collaborate with us when they need on-demand knowledge to support more efficient growth strategy, due diligence, organizational design and market assessments.

  • Solutions


    Telephone consultations
    Rapid access to information through one to one telephone discussions

    Telephone consultations

    In-person meetings to enable more effective collaboration


    Project engagements
    Unlimited access to a specialist to support a longer term project

    Project engagements

    Custom reports and data
    Bespoke deliverables addressing unique information gaps

    Custom reports and data

    Roadshows and site-visits
    On-the-ground intelligence and relationship building

    Roadshows and site-visits

    Executive placements
    Full time and board-of-director executive placements

    Executive placements

  • Case Study 1

    Commercial due diligence – Payments technology

    Investment deadlines are fast moving and access to the right intelligence empowers clients
    to proceed in deal opportunities with confidence


    A leading European private equity firm is assessing the acquisition of a B2B payments company

    The client is new to the specific market segment and wants to understand more around the competitive landscape and value chain evolution

    As the process develops the client wants to deep dive on the target company and assess growth strategy options

    Dialectica Solutions

    • Discussion with senior executives to inform sector and target attractiveness assessment
    • Customer referencing calls for red-flag checks
    • On-demand support throughout deal process including in-person attendance at management meetings


    • Early stage telephone interviews provide validation this is an opportunity to spend additional resources on
    • Retention of former CEO a deal advisor differentiates the PE client in management meetings
    • Extensive customer interviews enable the deal team to demonstrate the proposed acquisition has acceptable risk limits
  • Case Study 2

    Market Assessment - Flow control technology adjacencies

    Identification and validation of opportunity in product/service adjacencies
    can present top-line and bottom-line growth opportunity


    A leading strategy consulting firm was conducting a market attractiveness assessment across 8 flow control product categories with 10 vertical markets in scope

    In phase one the client was looking to source data on the underlying vertical markets to understand which sectors are poised for CAPEX growth

    The team then completed a market map of technologies and the competitive landscape, filtering attractiveness by profitability potential and market entry routes

    Dialectica Solutions

    • 30 telephone interviews with senior executives from C-Level and strategy/corporate development functions of leading flow control players
    • Follow up quantitative survey providing market and competitive data inputs
    • End user customer interviews that validated purchasing behavior and the demand outlook


    • Telephone interviews with senior professionals holding on average 20+ years of experience in flow control product strategy provided unique insight
    • A quantitative survey provided market growth forecast inputs and competitor benchmarking data
    • Access to customer decision makers confirmed the project hypothesis and improved credibility of findings
  • Case Study 3

    Organizational design – Multinational industrial corporations

    Organizational best practice enables clients to restructure themselves
    into a more customer centric organization, to reduce costs and innovate faster


    A leading industrials client was conducting a study into organizational design best practice

    The client was looking to source interviews with C-Level and Board Member specialists holding experience at group and regional headquarters in large industrial corporates

    Key issues to understand included best practice in functional organizational structures, P&L reporting and capital investment decision making processes

    Dialectica Solutions

    • 20 telephone interviews with senior executives across geographies and business units of leading global industrial corporates
    • In-person workshops to accelerate organizational redesign planning and implementation phases
    • Extended engagement with former Chief Operations Officer to support roll-out


    • Through direct connection with seasoned executives holding hands-on experience in organizational transformation projects our client developed a robust understanding of best practise
    • Access to these contacts provided unique perspective into the rationale, challenges and key success factors in executing a large operational transformation
    • On-demand and flexible access to industry knowledge enabled the project to be completed with greater agility and efficiency



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